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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A Baby Monitor

There are plenty of different baby monitors on the market. You can even find a cheap audio unit with just $20. But besides type and price, there are many other factors affecting how well a baby monitor can work with you and your baby.

For example, you may want the best Wi-Fi baby monitor when you begin to work again or a secure unit that can encrypt the signals if there are also many units in your neighborhood that can interfere with its signal.

So what questions should you ask before considering a baby monitor? The answer is below.

How many parent units do you require?

Do you just want a single unit in your bedroom when you want to hear your baby at night? Or do you want to have multiple receivers in your house, so every time you need to check your babys conditions, there is always a unit near you? Do you want to put them in the living room, kitchen, or even a different floor at the same time?

Ask yourself this, and you will know the number of parent units you may need. This depends on your personal requirements and needs.

For large houses, you may need a model that comes with multiple receivers out of the box to reduce the trouble of purchasing and installing an extra one.

What is the range you need?

As you can see from other Video Baby Monitor Reviews Image, depending on where you are when you want to have a look at the nursery, you will need different coverage range.

Every baby monitors will tell you how far it can transmit the signals right on the packaging. But be aware that these numbers are not always correct.

The signal quality, and as a result, the video quality, is affected by the walls or other obstructions, the frequency it uses, and the home network (for Wi-Fi models).

Pick a model using the Internet connection if you need to connect and watch your baby from another place. And if you need to use the monitor when you are outside or in the backyard, a long-range model is a perfect choice.


How long do you use the baby monitor?

Some parents just want a baby monitor to keep tabs on their infants, which usually do not have a stable sleep schedule. When they grow a bit and have longer sleeps, you can reduce your dependence on the monitor. Now you just want to know when there is a problem for your baby.

Some even keep the Image Best Baby Monitor Camera there until their toddlers have come to bed since they will know if their kids want and need anything.

Is your house free from interference?


There are two kinds of interference related to baby monitors. The first is about the distance between your parent unit and the main camera while the other issue concerns the radio wave frequency your baby monitor uses to transmit signals.

If people around your neighborhood also use baby monitoring systems with the same frequency, your signals may get disrupted, decreasing the video quality.

Newer products using DECT or Wi-Fi networks are free from this kind of problem. They can even encrypt the signals to ensure no one aside you can see the pictures of your baby.

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Were tried about best here to list the most important factors you need to understand before making a purchase. Based on them, you will definitely find the right baby monitor for your baby.
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