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New to mmex and looking for some help in importing my UK Nationwide files into mmex. Nationwide export files in QFX and CSV. Have downloaded the CSV version but when I come to import them it recognises all the files but none are imported. Have tried everything to no avail, any ideas please.
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Are you importing the CSV data on a Windows PC ??

Within the MMEX Import dialog do the fields (columns) that you see in the Preview pane at the bottom match up in the correct order ? My credit card company CSV exports have only four fields (Date, Amount(+/-), Payee, Notes) but I am certain that is not universal. Also you have to make certain that you tell MMEX what the format of the date is within the CSV file as there are about three dozen possible choices.

When I import CSV data I find that MMEX stores a report of the import in a folder Users/username/AppData/Roaming/MoneyManagerEX and a typical import report looks like the paragraph below.

Line: 1 imported OK.
Line: 2 imported OK.
Line: 3 imported OK.
Line: 4 imported OK.
Line: 5 imported OK.
Line: 6One of the following fields: Date, Amount, Type is missing, skipping
Line: 7One of the following fields: Date, Amount, Type is missing, skipping

Now the AppData folder may be hidden on your PC and perhaps no import report is produced if the import fails. I just mention this as a place to look as a last resort if you cannot find something a bit more obvious.

Good luck.
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