Moving to MMEX, questions about import and usage

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Moving to MMEX, questions about import and usage

Post by rattie »

Hi all,
I'm starting to fall in love with MMEX. It's cross platform, and Windows client looks excellent. I was looking at GnuCash or KMyMoney but both lack a functioning Android client, and most of my data is going to be entered on my phone while on the road.

However, I have an existing database from an older software (AndroMoney) with 6000+ transactions across many different accounts that I'd like to import. Import tool in MMEX is amazing, but I've noticed it lacks an option to import transfers from one account to another, especially from one currency to another. There's not even an option to select a column to act as Currency, I suppose a currency is applied account wide?

I'm using MMEX for Android version 2019.04.10.1000-beta, I found it on F-Store because I couldn't find it on Google Play nor Huawei's App Gallery. On Windows I use version 1.3.4 (32-bit).

My questions:

1. How do I format my CSV file so that transactions from one account to another are imported correctly?

2. When I save my database as EMB (encrypted database), Android MMEX crashes when opening it. Are encrypted databases supported on Android app?

Lastly I'd like to thank the developers for doing the right thing by maintaining one of rare free and open source personal financial management software.

P.S. Question for the devs. Can we donate MMEX development in crypto coins?

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Re: Moving to MMEX, questions about import and usage

Post by Nikolay »


I've created feature request regarding currencies ... ssues/2474.
As you noticed, the CSV import/export does not using transfers. This can be overcome using such a trick.
When importing data if transaction number already present in a DB then transform it to Transfer transaction.

Answering your questions:
1) no way yet
2) not fixed yet

For the first time, the question arises about cryptocurrency.

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