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1/ Negotiate bills with anyone producing them.
a) This can be looking for discounts as a loyal customer , Many times you see introductory rates for new customers and wonder why you are paying a lot more. That is because most people do not try and negotiate with the company producing the bill.
b) paying the bills on your chosen dates, to suit your cash flow, not the companies. Be reasonable
c) Do not set up direct debit. That is for the companies benefit, not yours. Yes they can save you a little money at the expense of a possible badly timed cash flow. A simple thing where a direct debit is made early and you get paid late, can cost you far more.

2/ Bank Accounts.
a) A current account that regular income gets paid into. Don't pay for these accounts if possible, most people get far less out of them than they pay in. The flip side is once you have an account of this type, you are locked into it.
b) A savings account where you can put in a regular amount that covers bills that are not regular. ie quarterly bills or even money that can be paid off credit cards. Divide your bills down over a year into regular payments, add 10%-20% to cover bill increases
c) Another savings account that you can put a regular amount into for holidays.
d) Choose savings accounts that have the best interest rates.

If you can set up a savings account at a bank that is not your regular one, all the better and make sure that you cannot access those funds on line. In bank only which means having no cash card either.
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I am totally agree with your given financial tips they are important to manage finance. Thanks for sharing.
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cbhattarai wrote:I have come up with some great financial tips that would help you:

1. Learn Self Control
2. Take Control of Your Own Financial Future
3. Know Where Your Money Goes
4. Start an Emergency Fund
5. Get a Grip on Taxes
6. Start Saving for Retirement Now
7. Guard Your Health and wealth
8. A Financial Basis for Life

Thanks for the information.
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Thanks for sharing the best financial tips to us this will be helpful for us.
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Great tips. Thanks a lot for sharing cool tips. I know how important it could be for students.
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