Docs for TMPL_LOOP?

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Docs for TMPL_LOOP?

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I'm having trouble using TMPL_LOOP how i'd like.  Is there any documentation on how to use it in General Reports?

I've got my data into the table how i need it fine, but i cant get the data into the graph how i'd like it.  I've used sample reports but they dont seem to use them much or the reports dont work on my accounts (such as 0 trend).

I thought something like
result:set("LABEL", label) in luas function complete(result) would populate an array of labels for HTML to pick up, but i cant get this to work.

It seems the only data i can get into a graph through something like <TMPL_VAR PROFIT> is if the table has a column called PROFIT.
Re: Docs for TMPL_LOOP?

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We use PERL::HTML syntax here and you can take a real case here ... ncySummary
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