Where the money Goes (Pie Chart)

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Where the money Goes (Pie Chart)

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is it possible to show just the Category Totals in the Pie Chart instead of showing each subcatagory?
Re: Where the money Goes (Pie Chart)

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Hi. I'm not an expert in MMEX, but I don't think you can modify any of the static reports.

However, you have two options:
1) Create a custom report using General Report Manager.
2) Create a copy of your file, then (using Tools > Relocation of... > Categories) relocate all subcategories to the main category, and finally go to the report.

The first option is the best, but requires to you to known programming (SQL and a bit of Lua and HTML).
The second option do not requires special skills, but it may take you some time and you should have to do it every time that you want to see the chart.
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