Missing entries except current year's

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Missing entries except current year's

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All was okay until suddenly I could only view the current year's entries.
When I clicked onto "View all transactions" all accounts returned empty.
I get this wxWidgets Debug Alert:

../include/wx/datetime.h(1702): assert "tm.IsValid()" failed in Set(): invalid broken down date/timeCall stack:[00] mmGUIFrame::updateReportNavigation(wxTreeItemId&, wxTreeItemId&) [01] mmGUIFrame::updateNavTreeControl()      [02] mmGUIFrame::mmGUIFrame(mmGUIApp*, wxString const&, wxPoint const&, wxSize const&) [03] OnInitImpl(mmGUIApp*)                   [04] mmGUIApp::OnInit()                      [05] wxApp::CallOnInit()                     [06] wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**)                [07] main                                    [08] start                                   Do you want to stop the program?You can also choose [Cancel] to suppress further warnings.
Would appreciate any help!
Re: Missing entries except current year's

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