Endless activity indicator on startup

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Endless activity indicator on startup

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Five seconds after launch, the circular arrows begin spinning at the top of the screen and don't stop unless the app is killed. The database isn't up-to-date and the Open Database command doesn't open the current db.

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Re: Endless activity indicator on startup

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Hi, there. I am the Android app user too. Since one of its recent updates, the developer has tweaked the sync feature of the app which causes the issue you mentioned. The sync feature has not been working as intended ever since.

I have implemented a workaround for myself though. Download an older version of the app and manually install it on your phone. Be sure to disable Google Playstore from auto-updating the Money Manager Ex app, or else, the same issue will keep on reappearing.

Here is the download link: https://github.com/moneymanagerex/andro ... 15.987.apk
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