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Android version and synchronisation

Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2021 11:08 am
by Tomcat
Hello, I'm a new user of MMEX, and one of the major reason to use it was because I runs on windows and Android, so I can do some the account on both platform.

It looks like the android version is no longer updated, and specially the version that works with the synchronisation is an older one. Currently it seams to be working for me with the android version 2018.11.15.987 and I can use my file in my MS OneDrive repositoey, while my windows version is 1.5.9.

Do you know why in the laste version only dropbox is still used and not the other solution of storage ?
Do you know why even in this version the solution si not working ? I saw some subject of this forum saying to use older version, but no explaination why (lack of time, developpers, technical issues ...) ?