Hi! I'm a new member. I'm sorry, I am just a simple user, I don't have any computer skills.
I have MMEX/Android 2017.11.07.967 on 2 smartphones (Meizu note3 and Huawei) and MMEX/Linux 1.4.0-Alpha.3 on Lubuntu, syncronized on Dropbox.
The synchronisation works for some days, than it stops. On the phone, it gives "il database è aggiornato" (the database is updated) and if I add an entry and synchronise, it gives "il database è stato caricato con successo" (the database is uploaded successfully), but in fact there are no changes on the other devices; if I try to open the database file on the computer, it gives "unexpected character in NUMBER token:"
What can I do?
Thank you in advance for your help.