I have moved my MMEX database files to my synced Google Drive folder on my Mac. I have copied those files into the MoneyManagerEX on my Google Pixel 2 phone and MMEX starts up on the phone showing my accounts correctly. I go to settings to set up synchronisation and I successfully authorise MMEX to access my Google Drive account. The problem is that when I am required to select the remote file for synchronisation purposes I can't do this as there are 7 database files, My account is called Phillip and I see MMEX-Phillip.mmb and 6 other files called MMEX-Phillip.mmb_update_2018-02-08.mmb with incremental dates. So which file do I point the Android app to? If I try the latest, then the next day or so a new database update is created and the Android app is still linked to the previous file.

I found some instructions online from 2016 but they reference Dropbox and show a specific Dropbox menu in MMEX - but that doesn't exist in the latest version.

Thank you for any help offered!