Remote DB sync missing

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Remote DB sync missing

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Since the new update today, the dB sync with remote storage is missing. I can't sync my db
Re: Remote DB sync missing

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IF you open the menu there is now a "Synchronize" option. However it won't do it automatically. And it doesn't tie into the storage option (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.), it just uses the file that is on your phone. You have to point directly to the file. I don't like it.... but it's semi working for me.
Re: Remote DB sync missing

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Yes, same pb.
I found the solution : just download OnedriveSync from Google Play.
Choose the both directories (on the phone and on one drive).
And it works !
It is free for one directory
It's supposed to work with Google Drive.
Re: Remote DB sync missing

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I have found the same. I have stopped using the Android app this month (March 19) after I discovered sync no longer seems to work properly with google drive. I am using windows Money manager on my PC and Android version on my phone but the sync between the two seems to be broken now. I removed & reinstalled phone App but still no good. Picked up previous settings offering no sync setup options. Syncing up from phone to google drive but doesn't not sync down if I change DB with PC application. Manual sync on android app reports file has not changed and will not sync. There used to be a download remote DB option which always helped sort out sync issues but it seems to be no longer there in Android app. I also can no loner find options for setting up remote file location etc.
Re: Remote DB sync missing

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This issue seems to have been going on a while. I'm not sure why. The best solution seems to be to go back to an older version: ... .11.15.987

Or find another app. There don't seem to be many similar apps which talk to an Android app and a Windows application.

Hopefully the developers can get it sorted soon.
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