All Accounts 4x3 (Widgets) show only one account

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All Accounts 4x3 (Widgets) show only one account

Post by alejandrojmelo »

Hi there!

First of all, thanks for this amazing app, I really appreciate it.
Maybe it's my fault or not, but some time ago I could can see more than one account in this widget.
Right now the "All Accounts 4x3" looks the same that "Summary 4x1" except for the space they occupy. "All Account 4x3" can not be smaller than 4x3.
My settings acconts are
Cash - Default & Favorite & Open
CA -Favorite & Open
VISA - Favorite & Open
AMEX - Favorite & Open

View Open account (Unchecked)
View Favourite accounts (checked)

I hope you can test this or comment why I see the same information on two widgets.

Thank in advance!


pd. Android Version 2019.02.19.995

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