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Exporting database

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 7:41 am
by erotavlas
I have installed the latest version of MMX 2019.02.19.995 from f-droid on lineage os 17.1. According to the documentation it should allow to export data into QIF, CSV, HTML and XML formats. However, I cannot export the database via Menu->Settings->Databases->Export (function not available). Moreover, I cannot synchronize it via Menu->Synchronization says Invalid remote URI. Please re-open the database.
If I enable root access, I can manually copy the file /
How can I solve this?

Re: Exporting database

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 6:37 am
by ellaharry45
Has your issue resolved?

Re: Exporting database

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:46 pm
by erotavlas
Not yet.