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Font sizing

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Changing the HTML sizing works fine for the home page but I want to increase the font size on my account pages without changing the PC screen resolution. Is there anyway this can be done please?
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I have a similar problem - I recently bought a new monitor with a much higher resolution, and now many MMEX screens are really hard to see. If you're running Windows, one free workaround you may want to try is the freeware program Dexpot:

Dexpot allows you to create multiple virtual desktops, each with its own resolution. One really nice feature is that you can associate a desktop with specific programs, so that when any of those programs are launched, you automatically go to that desktop with its lower resolution (but with that application's screens displaying much larger text and images). It's not as good as MMEX giving you the ability to change the font size in all screens, but it's a functional "fix".

Hopefully MMEX will address this issue directly in future releases, especially since high-resolution monitors have dropped significantly in price, more and more people are going to want to be able to easily see their MMEX data on their newer monitors!
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