Update 3.5

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Update 3.5

Post by Eddietheone »

Hi I am currently running the 3.3 version and have tried to update to 3.5 several times to no avail. My laptop goes through all the motions but at the end I see 3.5 is listed on the open file box. But the next time I open the program it has reverted to 3.3. Is there some sort of process I am not doing right here as I must have tried a dozen times on different days with no luck at all.

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Re: Update 3.5

Post by Nikolay »

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Re: Update 3.5

Post by dbolton »

If you are still having trouble, see if the following steps help.
1. Go to https://www.moneymanagerex.org/
2. Click on the green Download Now button.
3. Wait for the file to download then choose Run or double click on the download to install it.

Note: I updated the download button on the homepage to fix an issue for Windows users today. More details here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=9478&p=20420
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