Latest Development Build for Windows

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Latest Development Build for Windows
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Users are now able to download the latest build that the developers use.
Appveyor link to access the latest builds for Windows 

The zip file attachment contains is a video in .avi format that demonstrates how to access and download the latest build from
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Re: Latest Development Build for Windows

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Re: Latest Development Build for Windows

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I appreciate this is an alpha version but:

1.  The files page shows downloads for both portable and non-portable x64 versions but they're identical portable versions.  Not a big issue, I just moved the previous version's *.db3 file into the program's root menu to avoid re-entering all my settings but I'm happy with a non-portable version.
2.  The program folder's name has been changed from MoneyManagerEX to Money Manager EX so a pre-existing link now no longer works (which gives rise to a momentary "oops, what's happened" moment|) - not too difficult to resolve but an unnecessary issue perhaps, unless it's deliberate and it may cause issues for less experienced users.

Other than that no bugs spotted so far.

Cheers for now

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