Can´t install 1.3.1 version. OS WIN 7

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Can´t install 1.3.1 version. OS WIN 7

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I can't install the new version.

When I finish downloading M.M. and want to start the program I have this warning:

"El programa no puede iniciarse porque falta
api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-0.dll  en el equipo. Intente
reinsintalar el programa 
para corregir este problema"

In English: Program can´t start because "[size=100]api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-0.dll "
is missing. Try to reinstall the program, etc.

Please tell me what to do to recover my desktop program

I don't know how to do to get rid of this    that  appears before api

I thank you in advance.

Re: Can´t install 1.3.1 version. OS WIN 7

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