MMEX V 1.3.1 not working

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MMEX V 1.3.1 not working

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Hi, Not very talented user.  Was using (I think) v 1.2 and got asked to upgrade which I did.  Entered everything I need to , balanced etc and closed down.  I did notice some appearance changes but not much else.  I just went to open again and succeeded and data is there however I cannot enter new data or export etc.
I dont know what to do and do not want to loose all my information.  Somewhere along my stumbling I was asked whether I received a 'patch' which I replied 'No' - nothing happened.  I dont know how to revert to V 1.2 whatever.  I need HELP.


P.S. I dont know what BBcode or parse URL's are so sorry about that
Re: MMEX V 1.3.1 not working

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