Recurring transactions hickup

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Recurring transactions hickup

Post by Stonyjohn »

I'm on Windows 10, and after updating MMEX to version 1.31 my recurring transactions now work differently.
Suddenly I found that monthly transactions were being applied to the listings twice. My preferred procedure is to enter onto the listings any transactions due 30 days later, and keep them dated for their correct payment date, so I can see at a glance how my accounts look one month in advance. I had previously needed to set the transactions to "suggested" so I could change the "Payment date" to today's date, ignoring "Due date", which worked well enough. Suddenly I found transactions entered twice, making my accounts look more depleted than they should.
Now - after much checking through the entire list - had to rest all the transactions in the "Recurring transactions" list to "Manual", and revert to transferring all transactions manually when they appeared as 30 days remaining. Now I'm back to how it was before you added the second date to the transactions, only using "Payment date".
Oh, I also re-installed version 1.27, after all the worrying mesages about serious problems with 1.31.

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