Transaction Filter "Bugs" in v1.3.3

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Transaction Filter "Bugs" in v1.3.3

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After updating from v1.2.7 to v1.3.3 I noticed that when I enable a Transaction Filter, the triangle icon doesn't change to indicate the filter is on (I think the enabled icon was a light bulb?).

Sometimes it's not obvious when I am using a filter, and a few times I thought that some entries had been accidentally deleted. Then I noticed the icon change and realized what was happening.

Having the icon change was a very useful little feature. Can it be fixed in the next update?

EDIT: I just noticed that new text "Displayed Bal." appears at the top of a filtered page, followed by the relevant balance (nice!). Though I would still prefer the icon to change as well, this makes it a bit less important. However, I would suggest that you change the wording to "Filtered Bal." to make it more obvious that a filter is enabled. Maybe even highlight those words in a different color?

EDIT 2: The Recurring Transaction screen doesn't show either a changed filter icon or show the Displayed Bal text. At least one of those would be helpful (and both would be great - if you wanted to filter for upcoming expenses within a certain time period and/or charged against a specific account, then a Displayed Bal value would be useful).

EDIT 3: The date filter doesn't work at all for recurring transactions (I'm not sure if it did with v1.2.7). Specifying a date range in the filter box has no effect on which upcoming transactions are displayed. I realize that recurring events may be coded differently than ones that have a specific one-time occurrence, so it may be harder to make date filters work for those. If so, maybe you could warn people about that in the filter option box? Though because of the reason I mentioned in "EDIT 2", it would be useful to allow date filters with a balance value to be displayed for recurring events as well.
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