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Journal type Entries...

Post by OJudd »

Is there any place we can add a 'journal' type entry, that does not require the need for accounts?
I would really like to add in my monthly totals for all my categories over the past 6 months (that we have tracked on an antiquated Excel template!) as lump sum figures, so our Budget gives us a bit more of a bigger picture for the whole year of 2018.

But, no need to direct these back to any accounts, as that will stuff up the totals.

AND, because using this system, i would like to break down my categories further than previously, i'm not too keen in attempting to convert all my existing Excel Sheets to CSV, renaming all the categories, adding Payees, etc etc for Import!

Please, would really appreciate some help on this one. posting.php?mode=post&f=23#

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