How to have upcoming transactions effect Income vs Expenses?

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How to have upcoming transactions effect Income vs Expenses?

Post by Misteryij »

I'm really baffled at this, but I can't find an option to make it so that upcoming transactions (ie, payments/bills I have scheduled in the Recurring Transactions tab) effect the Income vs Expenses pane at the top right of the Home Page.

At the top right of the Home Page, It says "Income vs Expenses: Current Month" and it shows you a bar chart of your income and expenses (in blue and red respectively). Then on the right of that it says "Type" and "Amount" however the expenses ONLY show withdrawals I've made and NOT ones done via the Recurring Transactions. I want my bills that I've set up in the Recurring Transactions tab to be included in the expenses as well, not just withdrawals done outside of the Recurring Transactions.

Spent the last hour reading online and figuring things out to no avail so I'll attach a screenshot that hopefully explains what I'm trying to get at. It's also 4am here hah so I apologise if I didn't explain things well, bleary eye is getting the better of me now.

Thanks in advance.

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