Report Date Range Greyed Out

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Report Date Range Greyed Out

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I am trying to run one of the default reports, but all I am allowed to select is the time frame from the drop down list. I need to run the report using a custom date range, but the date range boxes are greyed out and won't allow me to select a date. Is there a way to unlock the date range so I can run this report? Thanks
Re: Report Date Range Greyed Out

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> Please follow these tasks before submitting new bug:
> 1. Use Help->Check for Updates in MMEX to get latest version - your problem can be fixed already.
> 2. Search ... q=is:issue for similar problem - update existing issue instead of creating new one.
> 3. Put some descriptive name for your issue in the Title field above.
> 4. Replace this text (marked with >) with detailed description of your problem.
> Read for useful tips.
> 5. Include steps to reproduce your issue, attach screenshots where appropriate.
Re: Report Date Range Greyed Out

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Thanks for the solution. It works.
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