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Date order

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I have been using MME for a number of years. Until this week my date has always been oldest on top, most recent at the bottom .
This has now reversed with the newest entries on the top line. I can adjust it by right clicking and selecting "Order by the column"
I have to do this twice for the entries to be at the bottom of the page. Next time I open the account they are back on top again.
This applies to all my accounts.
Not a major problem but a tad annoying!!
Re: Date order

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I have just found the same thing today. I like the latest transaction at the bottom as it mimics the paper copy that we also run. The date sort refuses to be "sticky" and puts the latest at the top.
Re: Date order

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Yes. I am also facing this.
Records go haywire if we change the sort sequence from one column to other.
Double clicking or restarting the application resolves incorrect sort sequence.
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