Cannot open money manager database anymore

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Cannot open money manager database anymore

Post by Baower »

Hello everyone,

Since the update to Money Manager EX - Version : 1.3.3 (DB v.7) I'm not able to open my file where I manage my daily expenses.

Whenever I try to open this database a pop-up is showing :
At opening of the database
- Incorrect password
- tentative to open a file which is not database

I've never set a password to this protect this file. This is the same file that I used to edit on Money Manager for so long. It became very annoying.
Note : My OS is windows 10 64bits. I tried to open it using another windows10 laptop and on my android smartphone, same issue.

Could someone help solving this issue ? Or at least help me extracting the content of the attached .mmb file so that I can restart from scratch ?

Note : this is the same issue as Phototaker and ianwnicholson in another but somehow I couldn't post anything that's why I have created a new one.

Best regards,
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