Cheat sheet for Quicken emigres?

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Cheat sheet for Quicken emigres?

Post by ithinktfiam »

I moved to Quicken when Money died, and I've always hated it. It got worse with the web interface. I've been slowly checking other applications and I've come to this one. I installed and then imported from the qif, now I'm trying to set things up.

It didn't take my reminders, though there's a reminder section. :(

The account view shows all my hidden accounts, and there are a lot of legacy ones. When I uncheck "Favorite Account" the popup claims that should remove them from the account view. It doesn't.

I'd like to group my accounts by type, such as bank, credit, and investment. I don't see a way.

There are other issues.

Has anyone put together a list to help new users, especially Quicken users, in customizing the UX to do some of the few things Quicken did ok?
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