Transaction report filter

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Transaction report filter

Post by Amaurer »

Hi, there is this tab "Transaction Report Filter" or something similar since mine is in Spanish, under the Tools tab.
It is where you can select a given category, a given date, a given amount, a given account and so on, to report from it.
At the bottom there is a list of selectable check boxes that go from 0 to 9.
Can someone please tell me what is the purpose of these and how to use them ?


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Re: Transaction report filter

Post by mikhailo2608il »

The purpose of those ten round buttons labelled 0 to 9 is for saved filter reports of which you can use repeatedly. Directly under these ten round buttons at the very bottom of the of the pop-up window is a row that consists of a small square button for saving a filter report followed by three rectangular buttons labeled "OK", "Cancel" and "Clear". Ideally the small square button should be like explicitly labeled "SAVE" rather simply having an icon. You can put titles on your saved transaction filters in the title box directly above that row of ten round buttons labelled 0 to 9.

So once you have a transaction filter report that you like and want to use again in the future you should give that filter a title, select one of the numbered round buttons to associate with that title and finally hit the save button in the lower right hand corner of the pop-up window to complete the the saving of this particular transaction filter. I think of them as analogous to saved queries. So when you want to run that particular transaction filter report (query) in the future you simply select the round numbered button you associated with the report you saved. You can have up to ten of these saved transaction filter reports.

You posted your question about the transaction filter report function in the "Windows" forum of the site. Questions about reporting functions should be posted in the "General Reports" section of the site as these sorts of inquiries are useful to users of all the platforms whether Windows, Macintosh, or Linux.

Good luck.
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