MAC OS X Problems

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MAC OS X Problems

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I am desperately trying to get the software working on a Mac. It works on my Macbook Air 13" running Mac OS 10.9.3 but I cannot get it to work on a Macbook Air 11" with the same OS or on a Macbook Pro running Yosemite. The software loads up fine but when I try to print or print preview the programme crashes and gives an "Up quite unexpectedly" error...

Please help.

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Re: MAC OS X Problems

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I had this problem on one mac but not another, with the same database. I solved it by reinstalling mmex after first deleting EVERYTHING - both the app and its helper file in application support. Works fine on both machines now.
Re: MAC OS X Problems

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Guys, what is the best vpn for mac in your opinion? I've tried some option and can't really make a choice. Maybe you can help me a little bit?
Re: MAC OS X Problems

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