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Stocks and Incompe/Expense Reports

OS X 10.8 or higher.
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Stocks and Incompe/Expense Reports

Post by Sergius »

HI all,

I've recently started to use Stocks.... and I've noticed that this is now affecting all the Expenses and Incomes Reports, which is really annoying to me.

All purchases or sales of Stocks are being treated as regular Expenses or Incomes, so at the reports I got that I earn more money than I do and expended also too much...

Is this a know issue or desing or I'm not using properly Stocks? I'd read as much as I could about it, and seems fine to me... but reports are way too much contaminated with this fake incomes/expenses that are in fact Stocks transactions or money moving from one account to another.

There is a Transfer checkbox next to Income/Expense, but has no effect with reporting...

The problem that I see is more with reporting... from Money POV, it makes some sense that if a purchase a Stock it is an expense, and if I sell it, is a Income... however, to me is more like to move money from one account to another... earnings or losses will be how much value (or loss) came from Stocks value, and not from a Transfer transaction.

Running v.1.3.3 and db v.7


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