Cannot create a new Report

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Cannot create a new Report

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I'm running MMEX 1.3.3 (DB v.7), on MacOS 10.14.2 (Mojave)

I want to create a new Custom Report.

When I right-click Reports (or left-click for that matter), I get the Creating a New Report section of the Help File, not the New Empty Report option that the help file tells me to use.

I know people have had problems with right-clicking "Reports" & finding the New Report option is greyed out - that has been solved but it is NOPT my problem!

Any suggestions?

I don't think this problem applies only to the Reports, as

1 If I right click Bank Accounts, Credit Card Accounts or Term Accounts I get a number of options, as expected.

2 If I right click the next 2 items, Assets, or Recurring Transactions, it is exactly the same as left click, displaying the entries as usual. No right click options

3 If I right click Budget Setup, I get the help file plus the Budget Editor dialog, though I cannot type anything in it. I can only click the cancel or OK buttons. No right click options.

Thanks in advance
Re: Cannot create a new Report

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