Edit Transaction window: Editing Quirk

Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.
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Edit Transaction window: Editing Quirk

Post by Wirmike »

This 'quirk' has become apparent running v1.3.3 under Win7, but no doubt will apply to v1.3.4-rc7 running under Mac OS and will need checking.
I presume that this has alway been ‘there’. but was only realised relatively recently after some years of thinking I was going daft!

When editing a duplicated transaction I work down the fields in order (from the top). On the way I come to the category field and in some cases need to modify this. I have now come to realise that when the category is changed, the amended £(“Amount”), above, reverts to its original value!

This seems such an overt aspect for which I wonder if there a logical reason?
Could this be changed, so that either the “amount” or the “category” can be changed w/out any mutual affect?

The result can cause some hiccups in reconciling an account later on, when it is realised that a strange amount on one transaction can only have resulted from this aspect caused by a category change.

This is not a major 'quirk', merely a niggle!

Hope you find this useful. And helpful!

ps. I have just tried this using v.1.3.4-rc7 under Mac OS 10.13.6 and that aspect is there.
Again it seems to be an issue on a duplicated transaction.
I am running MMEX under Win7 as there is an issue w/- an Instance Error when running under Mac OS, whilst a resolution is sought.

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Re: Edit Transaction window: Editing Quirk

Post by Nikolay »

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