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Running 1.01, also latest version 1.3.5 separately folder

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:08 pm
by ccwking
Currently running 1.01 as my 'live' version, but installed the latest new version after running the fix on the latest update from Terminal line and then applying the update to 1.3.5
Files were copied from the 1.01 version into a new folder, and then new version launched, using the copy of the database, which was fine, however every time I quit, I get this error.
New folder was created under my account (admin), files also copied into the new folder under my account (admin), when opening MMEX, ensured it tried to open the copy of the files in the new copied folder, 1.01 is still fine, 1.3.5 opens fine, and all data is ok, ran optimize, but this error occurs each time I quit.

This is running on Apple Mac - Catalina - 10.15.6

17:53:45: File '/Users/<name>/Documents/Personal Accounts - NEW/Personal Accounts.mmb_start_2016-02-29.mmb_update_2020-07-22.mmb' couldn't be removed (error 1: Operation not permitted)
17:53:45: Impossible to overwrite the file '/Users/<name>/Documents/Personal Accounts - NEW/Personal Accounts.mmb_start_2016-02-29.mmb_update_2020-07-22.mmb' (error 0: Undefined error: 0)
17:53:45: Cannot enumerate files '/Users/<name>/Documents/Personal Accounts - NEW/Personal Accounts.mmb_start_2016-02-29.mmb_update_*.mmb' (error 1: Operation not permitted)