Installing MMEX on Linux on Chromebook

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Installing MMEX on Linux on Chromebook

Post by martinz »

Has anyone had any success in installing MMEX on Linux on a Chromebook? I'm not talking about using Crouton, I'm talking about the native Linux beta.

I won't bore you with all the details - suffice it to say that I have managed to get 1.4.0 alpha working, but my 1.3.3 data would not load.

However, I have succeeded in installing the mmex_1.3.6-1.tara_amd64.deb package (after a few judicious uses of apt-get fix-broken install ;) )

So it's up and running, and I've loaded in my current 1.3.3 database - yay!

However, it's more-or-less unusable. It takes a while to open, but I could live with that. But when I click on an account, to see the transactions, it takes about 8 seconds to respond. And worse - when I click "NEW" to put in a new transaction, it also takes around eight seconds to pop up the window.

This just isn't good enough. It's got to be a fair bit snappier than that.

I appreciate that it's using a VM, but really - it shouldn't take 8 seconds to just open a popup. Other programs (like gnu backgammon) work fine in the VM. And Gnu Cash works well too - slow loading, but slick once it's open. (I just don't like the way Gnu Cash works...)

Any suggestions? Or are we just stuck with it?
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