Errors with mmex 1.2.7 Ubuntu 14.04

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Errors with mmex 1.2.7 Ubuntu 14.04

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1. On mmex start the home panel is not displayed (unable to find .../res/home_page.htt )

I fixed this with

Code: Select all

mkdir -p ~/Development/moneymanagerex/release/share/mmex
cd ~/Development/moneymanagerex/release/share/mmex
ln -s ~/mmex/moneymanagerex-1.2.7/resources res
I suspect this was caused by some build error i may have made

However this seems to make for error as i see these debug lines for each xpm and many other files.

17:22:09: Debug: Coping file:

edit: there is a self referencing link created here ~/mmex/moneymanagerex-1.2.7/resources/resources  to ~/mmex/moneymanagerex-1.2.7/resources/

2. known error

../src/generic/imaglist.cpp(66): assert "(bitmap.GetWidth() >= m_width && bitmap.GetHeight() == m_height) || (m_width == 0 && m_height == 0)" failed in Add(): invalid bitmap size in wxImageList: this might work on this platform but definitely won't under Windows.

[1] wxGenericImageList::Add(wxBitmap const&)
[2] navtree_images_list()
[3] mmGUIFrame::createControls()
[4] mmGUIFrame::mmGUIFrame(mmGUIApp*, wxString const&, wxPoint const&, wxSize const&)
[5] OnInitImpl(mmGUIApp*)
[6] mmGUIApp::OnInit()
[7] wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**)
[8] main
[9] __libc_start_main
[10] _start

has something to do with the 16x16 and i just ignore.

3. The navigation pane - items will blank if the open a new window, such as the Cash Flow report.

4. The Share Portfolio header line always reports Loss values as 0 - but the Gain values are reported correctly.

finally a big thank you to the developers who keep mmex running...

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