First off, let me say Hello. I'm new to this forum and have given Money Manager EX a spin a couple times. I really like it and most of the other software I've tried is either too simple (Buddi) too complicated (Gnucash) or paid. MMEX seems to be one of the few open source money management apps that hits that sweet spot right in between.

So, one of my coworkers has been using a Raspberry Pi exclusively as a desktop system. I decided to see if I can do the same thing and would like to use MMEX to manage my finances. I don't see anything on the forums about it and the only thing I see about installing on Linux on the website is Ubuntu based (use the PPA repo), Arch Linux based or I've seen some references in the forums to people building RPM's.

Is there a Pi package available, or would I need to build it from source?