Problem with new transaction status

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Problem with new transaction status

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I have recently installed Ubuntu and MMex. Have been using for over a year on android tablet and windows pc with sycing with Dropbox.
I have a problem with the Linux version when entering a new transaction (or modifying) in a checking account. The status shows blank (against Void Reconciled Followup), but when I check the dbase with DBsqlite the status has a 'N'.  The status is set to None but I cannot see why the N appears. Because of this, the new transations do not show on the Android version.
Please can you advise how I can get rid of the N

Just to say that the version I was using was 1.4.Alpha which I discovered is unstable. Have now downloaded v1.3.3 and all is working well.
Many thanks to all the teams for a great program.
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