v1.5.2 stable release available

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v1.5.2 stable release available

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Download from:
https://github.com/moneymanagerex/money ... tag/v1.5.2

#3222 Screen geometry
#3273 Update to wxWidgets 3.1.5
#3321 Theme manager window size
#3325 Transaction Report settings name utf8 support
#3326 UDFC01, 02... are not displayed in "All Transactions"
#3315 Browse button tooltip on Import/Export XML dialog refers to importing/exporting a CSV file instead of an XML file
#3337 Missing translation of categories in budget
#3340 Currency dialog: Width / Selected base currency icon / Search field label
#3348 Search by numbers on All Transactions view
#3355 Upcoming transactions applet
#3273 Update to wxWidgets 3.1.5
#3401 Category Icome/Expenses report not display date range correctly
#3414 Crypto currencies exchange rate
#3517 [Att.] is added in notes
#3532 lunasvg library upgrade
#2473 Grouping character in amount
#3166 Theme background color
#3323 Date format display with Day name
#3347 Simple csv export
#3362 Enter next booking
#3375 Move multiple transactions at once
#3460 dd Mon yyyy date format
#3515 Display the difference value as a line on Income vs Expenses report
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Re: v1.5.2 stable release available

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