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MMEX General Release

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This is to announce the release of MMEX

Although there is still a lot of things to be done, it was decided to release this version, to allow users to use the advancements that have been made to MMEX in the last 6 months or so.

I would like to thank all the members of the development team, the translators and contributers who made this release possible.

As with all new releases, every effort has been taken to test the versions and eliminate potential problems. As with all new software updates, for safety sake, please make a backup of your data first.

Downloads of MMEX are now available from:
Sourceforge.Net: ...

New features of MMEX released (August 1, 2011)
- Externals updated to wxSQLite3 V: 2.1.2 (sqlite3 V:
- New commands in Tools Menu for the Relocation of Categories and Payees.
- New date format: YYYYMMDD
- New user options for 'Transaction Dialog' behavior.
- Auto payee inclusion for transactions (user selectable)
- Auto category inclusion for transfer transactions (user selectable)
- Allow Status to be set to 'Reconciled' (user selectable)
- Reintroduction of Custom Reports as installable reports.
- Repeating Transactions:
- Allow transactions to be automatically entered with user control.
- Allow transactions to be automatically entered without user control.
- new 'Skip' transaction command.
- New AMD64 build instructions.
- Change to Home Page Income/Expenses reflect calculations of visible accounts.
- Stocks Summary now displayed on Home Page with new Option and Menu:View item.
- New icons in Accounts to highlight a transfer and direction for a transaction.
- Currency dialogs updated - Now allows deletion of a currency.
- Improved Backup options on Startup.
- Improved functionality of Transaction Report.
- Expanded periods for Cash Flow Reports.
- Improved sub reports in the reports section of Categories.
- Hide Financial Year reports when they are the same as the Year Reports.
- New Tools for the maintenance of Custom Reports.
- Improved file import for CVS and QIF formats
- Help files now will be displayed in the selected language if they exist.
- Changed loading order of accounts. Now displayed in alphabetical order.
- Improved performance of displays.
- Rearrangement of: Delete Transaction(s) popup menu items.
- Improve performance for QIF and CSV importing.
- and bugfixes.
Regards: Stefano