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MMEX General Release

Post by stef145g »

I am happy to announce that the release version of MMEX is now available for general download.

To install the latest version, download the appropriate version for your system from the following sites: ...

The old version does not need to be uninstalled as the new installation will over write the appropriate files. This however may result in some old files remaining from the old installation.

Optional - For a clean system:
1. Backup your data files
2. Uninstall the old version
3. Reinstall the new version by running the appropriate installation for your system.
Note: For Windows, the setup will allow portable mode to be applied. This will include the file: mmexini.db3

The latest release has been inspired by suggestions and feedback from you, the users of this product.
Users can send in feedback through the MMEX Forum:

While not all suggestions have been included, in this version, the development team is working towards making further improvements. The improvements to the latest version are:

- Externals updated to wxSQLite3 V: 3.0.0 (sqlite3 V:
- New dialog designs, updated keyboard and user interface features.
- Budget Section Upgrade
- View as Calendar Years or Financial Years
- Budget Category summaries showing subcategory totals.
- Added Monthly Budgets.
- Allow transfer totals to be included in budget totals.
- Improved Help for Budget setup
- Improved Split Categories
- Allows deposits and withdrawals in same transaction.
- Allows split categories to be edited.
- Allows quick viewing of split categories in transactions.
- Improved Transaction Filtering - allowing edits to transactions.
- Improved Navigation tree and Account type identification.
- Improved CSV Inport/Export facility using a Universal Dialog.
- Improved QIF Importing facility.
- Recent files list added.
- Backup feature now allows 4 backups at start and/or end when updated.
- Improved Options Dialog. Allow user to cancel changes.
- Improved Cash Flow Report.
- Improved Custom SQL Report File Saving features.
- Updated Help Files with improved Language support
- Improve startup error handling.
- Miscellaneous code improvements and bug fixes.

Although not all languages have been fully translated, language translations can still be made and sent in by posting them on the MMEX forum

For this release, I would like to thank the current development team, and the translators for their efforts in making this release possible. I would also like to give a special thanks to any user who have made contributions in one form or another.
Regards: Stefano

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