Money Manager Ex - will soon be available via a web browser

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Money Manager Ex - will soon be available via a web browser

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Hello Everyone,

I am writing to say that MMEX will be available as an application you can use via the web browser. This will be possible via the Tonido Platform (

See screenshot of how MMEX would look inside a browser(using Google Chrome Web Browser)
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One of the most sought after features people have asked for is the ability to access their MMEX from multiple locations. Say from work, or from their mobile phone etc. Running MMEX in a USB key only helps so much.

You could potentially use many of the new Web Apps that do personal finance, but the crucial question is of trust. Can you trust a company enough to store all your financial data with them. Maybe you can.

For those who can't, now there is an alternative. MMEX will become available as an application that *runs* on your desktop but via the browser. This means you can run MMEX on one machine, but can potentially access it from anywhere, from your local intranet or from the internet or even from a mobile phone. And since the application and data is fully under your control, you don't need to worry about the privacy of your data.

There are many possibilities now:

You can install MMEX Web on one machine and everyone can use the same database without needing put data in a network drive or having to copy databases around. Small business users can centralize the MMEX install as well. I am sure there are even more possibilities that exist.

And, not only that, MMEX Web will run on all 3 OSes, Windows, Linux, OSX. So MMEX will truly become cross platform.

So here are some FAQs about this new application that I am sure you will have:

1) How is this possible?

MMEX is being rewritten from scratch (*yes*) to run under Tonido ( which is a web application platform that is currently in beta. In case you didn't know, Tonido allows you to run apps (PIM, Music Player etc are currently available) as browser based apps that can be installed in one machine and accessed from anywhere. MMEX will become part of that suite.

2) When will this be available? When can I test drive it?

Estimated completion time is by June 2009.

3) Will this new app be compatible with MMEX?

Yes, it will maintain 100% compatibility with MMEX Databases you have. And that means you can open it one, edit it, open it in another and so on.

4) How do I get an early preview to test drive it?

We have a Tonido News mailing list meant for announcements and other early preview build information. No spam.
Sign up at



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