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Money Manager Ex released

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Money Manager Ex released

Post by madhan »

I would like to thank Ho Yin Kwok for some massive patches to MMEX in
this release.

Thanks to all other OS maintainers, contributors, translators and
users for sending feedback, praise and brickbats. You have all helped
MMEX now reach more than 0.5 million downloads. MMEX is now being
downloaded by at least 30,000 users a month.

I hope you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009!

The Windows release is up now.
The Linux release will be released in a short while.
Please make a backup of your data before upgrading.


- MMEX now installs in %APPDATA% directory instead of program files by
default in Windows
- Fix crash on custom reports (Jaffa)
- Fix display problems with cents (Ho Yin Kwok)
- Fix hang with large amounts for top categories graph
- Fix association of categories on CSV Import (Patch by Pieter)
- Add New Budget Setup and Performance Report (Rohit Kumar)
- Temporary workaround for Linux crash when clicking home page links
Patch from (Ho Yin Kwok)
- Add on-line currency rate update function:
- Download latest currency rate data from European Central Bank
- Based on the rate of the base currency, calculate the rates of other
currencies and update them
- Add a new column in the existing currency table
Note: All supported currency symbols can be found from:
http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/exchange ... ex.en.html
- Add a new option to allow user to enable or disable online update
currency rate function (default is disable).
- In option dialog box, display more user friendly strings for data
- For "New/Edit Stock Investment" dialog box, if current price is
empty, then current price is equal to purchase price.
- Change "Notes" of the "New/Edit Asset" dialog box from single text
control to multi-line text control
- Change the description of the "Rate of Change"'s tooltip
- Modify "New/Edit Stock Investment" dialog box
- Modify "New/Edit Transaction" dialog box
- Modify "Organize Payees" dialog box
- Modify "Organize Categories" dialog box
- Modify "New/Edit Repeating Transaction" dialog box
- Help screen will not be shown when no database is opened
- Remove unnecessary checking in mmGUIFrame::OnSelChanged() function
- Currency dialog box will not resize its items so some texts are
- Options dialog box will not resize its items so some texts are
- Fix some "no new line" warnings
- Do not display correct strings when "Language" is changed from "non-
English" setting to "English" setting
- Do not show "Rate of Change" value in "New/Edit Asset" dialog box
- Fix generate incorrect "Rate of Change" value when currency' scale
is wrong
- Fix segmentation fault when "Refresh" button is pressed in "Stocks"
panel and there is no stock in the list
- Fix "To amount" is wrong when editing a transaction without click
the "Advanced" button
- MMEX do not add file extension automatically when it creates a new
database file
- When previous opened "emb" database is deleted, the password dialog
box is shown when MMEX starts.
- Stock value to zero bug (Bug Request ID 2157523)
- Modify some strings (we have to modify po files)
- When MMEX creates a new datebase, only "mmb" type is available. If
user wants to have a "emb" type database, he/she has to use
"Save as" function.
- For Currency dialog box, currency symbol textbox is changed to
ComboBox so users can select existing currency symbols or input a new