Money Manager Ex released

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Money Manager Ex released

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Thanks to Vadim for the release!
The Windows and some of the Linux releases are up now.
Other releases should be coming up soon.
Please make a backup of your data before upgrading.

Download from :

- wxSQLite3 updated to v.1.9.9 (sqlite3 v.
- CurrencyFormatter refactoring, bugfix for huge amounts (like a 1000000000000)
- Alignment of some columns changed
- 'Recent files' submenu removed
- Main window title will contain "[portable mode]" suffix if mmex runs in portable mode
- English/Russian HTML help updated
- Unnecessary notes removed on the bottom of the main screen
- Improvements of temporary files generation
- Select Language dialog refactored
- Ability to select language during setup, native HTML help will be installed if one presents
- OnSaveAs refactoring & bugfix
- x64 build on Windows
- Ability to build rmp package on Linux
- Installation directory changed to %ProgramFiles% (C:\Program Files\MoneyManagerEx)
- User's database and settings files default location is %APPDATA%\MoneyManagerEx
- Check whether user has write access on database's file
- About dialog shows versions of libraries which where used to build MMEX