Afrikaans translation

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Afrikaans translation

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I have completed the translation to Afrikaans of the git version and and 1.2.7 (including the help files). I only need to do some screen captures for the help files and check the changes of the help files on the git version for changes.

I don't use Ubuntu, but I have registered with launchpad.

How does one go about in providing the translating to the main stream.

Other persons are welcome to check the translation.  I have used my wife's input in many instance, but a few more views can always make the translation better.

There one or two of the source texts that maybe should be reviewed, I will try to find them again.  How does one go about raising those?

Re: Afrikaans translation

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Hi there,

I don't support launchpad anymore and not sure if po file are updated.
Could you please attach the po file to this chat?

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