Budget Calculations in SVN_1997

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Budget Calculations in SVN_1997

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I see some odd calculations in the budget area. Setup a Yearly budget for a category and then set the category for receiving $ 100.00 per month. I would expect the estimated receipts to be $ 1,200.00, but the program shows $1,216.67. $ 100.00 Daily does estimate an answer of $ 36,500.00 and $ 100.00 Yearly does estimate an answer of $ 100.00. Most of the other settings show odd dollar answers. $ 100.00 Quarterly shows $ 396.74, not $ 400.00. I thought that had been working correctly?

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Re: Budget Calculations in SVN_1997

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I've catch this issue.

100/30*365 = 1216.6666666667

Too meticulous calculation. I think to simplify to a previous state.
Thank you for the tests.
Re: Budget Calculations in SVN_1997
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When I reorganised the code, I made all calculations based on days. This I did, mainly because of monthly budgets, so a user creating a monthly budget based on the yearly budget would hopefully correspond.

Due to the responses we have recieved, I have now changed the calculations for the year on a more generalised formula, therefore allowing $100 per month to calculate as $12,000 per year.

I have also readjusted calculations for the monthly figures to reflect a more accurate figure for the month.
These will be available in the general release. Thankyou for the testing and feedback before the general release.
Regards: Stefano
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