There is only one €uro

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There is only one €uro

Post by Superpapi »


Under Tools--->Currencies; among the currencies that are listed there are:
Euro-Belgium, Euro-France, Euro-Germany, Euro-Italy and Euro-Spain.
That doesn't make sense as there is only one Euro and that currency isn't limited to these 5 countries; there are many more;
It is just as if we would define a:
Nevada-Dollar, Utha-Dollar, Texas-dollar and so on.

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Re: There is only one €uro

Post by madhan »

Interesting, this was provided to me from a contributor a while ago. I don't exactly know why they did it that way.

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Re: There is only one €uro

Post by DickyP »

Looking at the base data the reason there is more than one Euro is because, although it is the same currency, different countries write it out in different ways. Germany, France and Spain show the € symbol as a suffix, whereas Italy and Belgium show it as a prefix. The reason is therefore for display purposes: it could, I suppose, have been done as just two forms, but country specific is clearer, whereas the former would imply each account would also need another attribute to go with its currency code - symbol positioning!

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