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Re: MMEX Development Release

Post by Nikolay »

petrik wrote:Hello Nikolay
Regarding issue #2.
Used an account with numerous transactions from 04/13 to 07/13.
Selected separate transactions dated 05/13 and 06/13, each of which was displayed in the middle of the account view display page. Changed status (using both 'Edit' button and right click menu). Each time the changed transaction scrolled down to the penultimate line of that account view display page.
Thanks! it's fixed!
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Re: MMEX Development Release

Post by petrik »

1. mmex_svn4410_portable_x64 fixes problem #1 from 18/07/2013.
2. Unfortunately, mmex_svn4410_portable_x64 does not fix problem #2 from 18/07/2013. Now mmex scrolls the display so that the altered transaction moves to the penultimate line of that view page.
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Re: MMEX Development Release

Post by lourencohen »

dish network packagesIt had been a long wait for the release of MMEX version. This was announced pretty long time back in the forum and many users are waiting for this. I am one of them, and I hope the new version covers the defects that the old one had.

dish network packages
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Re MMEX 0 9 9 2 Development Release

Post by R19Sa »


Working with it now. I entered full pathnames and it came up perfectly. Nice fix.

Are there any other fixes in this version?
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