Minor UI changes desired?

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Minor UI changes desired?

New MMEX User

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Hey guys!

I really like MMEX and would like to participate, especially to the android app.

In fact I already did a really small change (commit).Since the app itself is rather complex I would like to focus on some minor UI changes and dig deeper into the structure step by step.

Is that ok for you guys?

Since I am relatively new to open source development let me know if I miss any conventions etc... Really appreciate if you point out mistakes!

greetings Alex
Re: Minor UI changes desired?

MMEX Developer

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I PC based mmex developer.
In mmex v.1.3.0 there are many UI changes.
Especially I've changed all pics (icons).
If you svg expert you may help with design for PC ver. as well.

Some new icons presets here:link
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