Enter Key in Payee Dialog

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Enter Key in Payee Dialog

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It would be really nice to be able to select the Payee from the ComboBox in the payee dialog by typing the first few letters then pressing enter to select the payee and leave the dialog. I started poking around in the source, and it seems someone wrote this feature in there, but it has been stripped out with #if 0 (see src/payeedialog.cpp near 289). Anyone know why? Quickly re-enabling this block of code and recompiling gives this feature with seemingly no ill effects. Is there something wrong with this code? Anyone know why it was axed?
Re: Enter Key in Payee Dialog

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I have edited the mmhomepagepanel in the trunc. The function mmGraphTopCategories was blocked on the same maner.
But the reason was described.

In case with the Payee Dialog... I do not see any difference in the functionality of the programm.
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