Where mmex should be installed?

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Where mmex should be installed?

Post by Vadim »

Hi everybody,
we have a problem with installation dir of mmex. The mmex should install in %ProgramFiles% on Windows. I was very confused first time when installer selected my user profile as installation directory. This is actually very-very wrong choice especially on Windows.
Also there is a problem on Linux when I am trying to build rpm for mmex.

The reason of such behavior is portability and multi-user access to program. Anyone can copy mmex's folder on USB flash drive or something else and run one from this place. mmexini.db3 expected in mmex's folder. If two users use mmex on the same computer, we had to install mmex in user profile but not in the shared folder (Program Files).

So, mmex should install in %ProgramFiles%. mmexini.db3 should be created in user profile dir. Database should be created in user profile by default if user does not change dir. And we should think how to remain portability.

This is not a complex but very important task. 99% of programs install yourselves in %ProgramFiles%. The same for Linux, programs go to /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, user's data in %HOME%
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